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The A & A Flea Market is not an entity of the Bengies, we simply lease to them to have their Flea Market at this location.  The information posted here is done so as a courtesy, and the Bengies is not responsible for any information that is missing, inaccurate or incomplete.


For any questions or concerns about the Flea Market, you must contact the A&A Flea Market, LLC at 410 630-1560. 



Welcome to the A&A FLEA MARKET, located at
the Bengies Drive-In Theatre.

410 630-1560

The Flea Market has been suspended for the time being, as we are seeking a new operator.  Look for it to resume later in 2011, or at the beginning of 2012.


Notice: 9 foot vehicle clearance on the entrance road.  Vehicles taller than 9 feet may park outside the entrance and walk down to inquire as to how to enter the market.  (Sellers ONLY)


Sellers may enter beginning at 6am, Browsers may enter no sooner than 7am. (Please do not park on our entrance road, obey the signs for no parking and do not pick up or discharge passengers on the roadway.)


ALL Admissions and Fees are CASH ONLY.


To Set Up and Sell:  Temporarily reduced to $10.00 per space (for qualified sellers), with an additional $10.00 Deposit required (OR, at our discretion, you may be allowed to let us hold your current, valid drivers license as a deposit.)  The Deposit (or license) is returned when we inspect your space and see that all trash is cleared and in your vehicle, and you have not used our dumpsters or trash cans for your trash.  (It is the responsibility of the Seller to remove all trash from the premises.)


BROWSERS:  $1.00 to park your car correctly; includes all passengers that safely fit into your vehicle (according to the number of seat belts.) Pack the vehicle to save on browser fees.

25 cents per person to walk in.


For more information, please call 410 630-1560.


Concession stand will be open!




Flea Market Policies and Rules:

Violation of any rule WILL RESULT in expulsion without refund, and possibly permanent expulsion.


NO Outside Food or Beverage permitted. Concession stand will be open.  The ONLY exception is for Sellers, who may bring in food and drink for themselves only AT THE TIME OF ENTRY.  Sellers MAY NOT leave and re-enter the premises to get outside food and beverage, nor can they have another party bring in food for them.


You MAY NOT PHOTOGRAPH or VIDEOTAPE, or RECORD in ANY way on the premises. You may use a camera to take a picture of an item with permission of the vender.  You may not photograph or record ANYTHING else.


If you leave the premises, YOU MUST PAY TO RE-ENTER.




- There is ONE WAY traffic at the Flea Market.  Never approach the box office or try to use the front entrance as an exit.  All traffic vehicles will exit thru the main exit, located at the end of the roadway that runs directly in front of the refreshment center.  NO ONE may enter through the exit.


Browser parking is currently $1 per vehicle TO PARK CORRECTLY Please note the postings at the front and rear gate, parking incorrectly

will result in ticketing and/or towing. Each vehicle is entitled to one space.

Please park CLOSE enough to a post to allow for another vehicle.


  • ALCOHOLIC Beverages are NOT PERMITTED on the premises.


  • Obscene language or profanity WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

  • ALL children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • The PLAYGROUND is CLOSED during the flea market. 

  • Outside food and beverages are restricted from the premises.

  • CARBON MONOXIDE is POISON. Do NOT run your engine.

  • You May not Cook, Grill, or in any way prepare food on the premises.

  • NEVER Approach the Box Office on foot. Go to a Security Person.

  • No Smoking in or within 15 Feet of the building. PLEASE have common courtesy for all patrons.

  • Common Sense prevails. (i.e. No Fireworks, disruptive activities, loud playing of music, etc.)



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