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Bridget Diveley, a 5 year old resident of Middle River, is a big fan of the Bengies Drive-in Theatre.  Her family will never forget the first time they brought her to see a movie at the Drive-In.  In the summer of 2010, Bridget was recovering from a live-saving heart transplant that she received at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.  Since she was being treated with high dose anti-rejection medications, Bridget was prohibited from being around large crowds in enclosed spaces, as her immune system was weak and she could easily contract an infection.  The Bengies Drive-in Theatre, being out in the open air, was the perfect solution when her family wanted to go see a movie.  After months of living in the hospital and being isolated at home, Bridget could safely sit outside under the stars and watch the latest movie with her family.
Bridget was born healthy, but when she was 21 months old, a random virus attacked her heart, causing it to become enlarged and unable to pump efficiently. Bridget's parents were told that a heart transplant was Bridget's only option. While the family waited for a donor heart to become available, Bridget lived in the pediatric intensive care unit at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.  There Bridget and her family witnessed, first hand, the greatness behind the doors of the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.  They knew that Hopkins offered world renowned medical care, but had no idea that they did it on such a personal level.
Bridget underwent her life-saving heart transplant in March of 2010.  Over three years later, Bridget is doing wonderfully.  She is leading a normal, active life.  She loves tap and ballet, playing with her dolls, and playing outside.  She still enjoys coming to the Bengies Drive-in Theatre several times a year, where she always gets her favorite snack, a grape DouBBle Feature!
Bridget's parents are forever grateful to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center for saving their daughter's life.  Together, with the family of another young heart transplant recipient, the Diveley family has organized the Bridget and Bradley Heart Run as a way to give back to Hopkins.  This 5K Run/3K walk will be held on September 21, 2013 at Gunpowder Falls State Park.  100% of proceeds from this event will benefit the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. The Diveley family thanks the Bengies Drive-in Theatre for helping to sponsor and promote this event.  For more information or to register for this run, please check out


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