Box Office

  • Do you open if it’s raining?

    Yes, we are open rain or not.

  • When do you open/close for the season?

    We do not have set dates on when we open and close for the season. A big determining factor is the weather. Generally, we open in early Spring, March or early April. We always play movies through October, and we will play into late fall depending on the weather.

  • Can you tell me what will be playing at the Bengies the week after next?

    Movies are booked on Monday for the upcoming Friday. This is the only way it can be done effectively. Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question with any degree of certainty before then. Occasionally, we will have more notice when a movie will play. When we do, we publish it.

  • I bought my tickets online. How do I buy additional tickets for people who want to join my vehicle?

    You can purchase additional tickets at the box office when you arrive, cash only.

  • Do you offer group pricing or discount tickets?

    We cannot offer group discounts on tickets, as we are bound by the film company license agreements that do not allow us to discount our already low admission prices.

  • Do you accept credit cards or have an ATM?

    We will NEVER accept credit cards at the Box Office. Quite simply, it would slow down the line, and cause traffic to back up on Maryland State Route 150.

    However, we DO accept credit cards (Visa & MasterCard only) at the snack bar!

    We do not have an ATM. The problems associated with having an ATM on the premises are too great to justify the risk.

  • When is the best time to arrive?

    Weekends are especially busy, so arrive early (close to the box office opening time).

    REMEMBER: The >>CLOSER<< it gets to sunset the  – L – O – N – G – E – R –  the line will become. No Fooling!

  • Can I arrive after the first movie has started? / Do I have to stay for all of movies playing?

    You are welcome to arrive anytime, as long as the box office is open. The box office closes 15 minutes after the published time of the last show.You may leave at anytime. You do not have to stay for all of the movies playing.

  • Are motorcycles allowed?

    Yes. After you purchase your ticket, we recommend walking your bike to a parking space. It is difficult to drive a motorcycle 5 mph on our roadway that has speed bumps.

  • Can you accomondate an RV or motorhome?

    Sorry, We cannot.

  • I heard that you had a “By Invitation Only” feature at the Bengies last year. How do I get invited?

    Normally, this sort of thing happens quickly, if it is a promotional screening or last-minute event. If you are on the Bengies email list, text subscriber, or follow us on our social media accounts, you are given the opportunity to attend. Sign Up.

Attending the Drive-In

  • How do I hear the movie?

    Tune to 105.3 FM or AM 830. Radio apps do not work because we do not stream our sound over the internet.

    Use your vehicle’s radio:
    Be sure to check your owner’s manual so you can safely play your vehicle’s radio without draining its battery. Nothing on your dashboard should be glowing.

    Rent a radio from us:
    We have a limited number of portable radios available for rent. The cost is $10, and we will need to hold onto your current & valid license and current & valid registration of the vehicle you brought to the drive-in.

    Bring a portable radio:
    We suggest an FM Stereo. AM broadcast is a “mono” broadcast.

    IMPORTANT: If your stereo has an equalizer, or treble & bass controls set them to the “ZERO” or “NULL” point to get the best sound for the movie. Our sound processor is configured for the best equalization for the left, right, center, surround, and sub-woofer. If you try to modify it, you could hear sounds you should not, not hear sounds you should, or cause the stereo to “crackle.”

    NOTE: All radios must be tuned to the movie. Please use headphones if you intend to listen to something other than the show. So you do not interfere with the enjoyment of others.

  • What do I do if my battery vehicle’s battery dies?

    Please follow your vehicle’s owner’s manual instructions on how to play your radio without draining its battery.

    We can help if your battery dies. Please see one of our field attendants. Once we get your vehicle started, you cannot run your engine to charge your battery. Carbon monoxide is poison. You will have to leave the theatre.
    If your battery dies and you are not ready to leave, you can rent a radio from us to continue listening to the movie.
  • Why do you park vehicles the way you do? Why not let us park anywhere we want?

    The Bengies was designed in 1955, for the 1956 opening. At the time, there were not a lot of vehicles other than a regular car. Pick-up trucks and vans were not the normal family vehicle. The Bengies is “double” ramped. There are 2 rows (ramps) together, between the roadways. If a larger vehicle parks on an “odd” numbered ramp, the visibility of the space behind them is lost to all vehicles, not even another van or high top can see over it! We do allow larger vehicle parking in the “wings” on most nights. This is off to the sides of the theatre, and do not block sight-lines. Many folks who arrive early can park closer to the screen.

    Vehicles other than a regular car are parked carefully to keep the site lines open for everyone. We usually begin filling ramp 10 with larger vehicles and work our way backfilling the even numbered rows one row at a time.

  • Can I park my car with my friend in the area reserved for larger vehicles so that we can be together?

    We would suggest arriving as close to the box office opening as possible to make sure you can get spaces together. Cars have more flexibility in parking. However, there are specific rows (ramps) that are reserved strictly for vehicles other than a regular car. In these cases, the car usually can park in front of the van, truck, SUV, etc.

  • Can I sit outside my car, in lawn chairs, on a blanket, on the roof?

    You are welcome to sit outside of your vehicle, in lawn chairs, or on blankets. We ask that you place lawn chairs and blankets between your vehicle and the screen, and do not to take up an additional parking space next to your car. Be very careful not to over-extend your parking area into another.

    This is also for safety reasons as an approaching vehicle looking for a parking spot might not be able to see you or your children sitting on the ground!

    You may not sit on the roof of your vehicle because you will obstruct the view of patrons behind you, and it is an unsafe thing to do.

  • I have a pickup truck, (or Mini Van), can I park backwards and sit in the back to watch the movies?

    Yes, HOWEVER, please keep in mind the house rules. For example, if you bring chairs and sit in the bed of the pick-up truck, you may be sitting higher than the top clearance of your vehicle. This will interfere with sight-lines for others further back. So will opening the hatch higher than the top clearance of your vehicle. If you open the doors and they end up in another patron’s space, then it will cause a problem.

  • We have a large group coming. Can we reserve parking in advance?

    Sorry, we cannot reserve parking. Try to arrive as early as possible to increase your chances of parking together as a group.

Everything Else

  • Do you have a “Lost & Found”?

    My goodness YES! Please contact us via fax: (410) 687-5627 or e-mail. NEVER set your fax to keep calling automatically until the line is clear. We will have no choice but to block your number from the line.

    NOTE: We are unable to answer individual comments and questions faxed to us through this line! PLEASE do not fax anything to us except lost and found requests.

  • Why do you restrict audio recording, video recording, and picture taking?

    There are many reasons for this. As we began in 1988, there was not a need for restriction. Then, folks started to snap pictures. Next, they kept on “snapping” right through the movie! As we progressed into the mid-’90s, people began selling posters of the Bengies Drive-In Theatre, and then “photo sets” of the Bengies over the internet. To add insult to injury, my voice was recorded, along with parts of the copyrighted film, and that was being used in ways you could not even imagine. I was strongly cautioned by my lawyer to protect my “proprietary rights.” I was also advised of my legal liability for allowing copyrighted material to be recorded, and to restrict it altogether.

    Still, instead of doing that, I tried to contain the damage by allowing it if people signed an agreement. That did not work out. As soon as someone else saw a “flash” they pulled out their camera and joined in without permission. I kept trying to allow it, but then I was approached by a patron whose face ended up on the internet. They were accidentally “captured” in the background of a photo that I did not give the person permission to take. Now we had to consider privacy rights.

    At the time came the theft of copyrighted material, and ALL THEATRES in AMERICA, as well as the distributors, realized that having cameras and recording devices in a movie theatre should not be allowed. It is asking for trouble by allowing it.

    The Bengies is a landmark, and I certainly understand why a lot of folks want to photograph it, and why many want to record the audio because they think they have a right to do that. Understand that it is also a MOTION PICTURE THEATRE. Please understand there is no way to control it anymore, and there is way too much to risk by allowing it in any way, shape, or form. We go out of our way to entertain you, PLEASE capture the memory in your heart and mind, and not on devices that have no business being in a movie theatre! You may record NOTHING. You may capture an image of NOTHING. DO NOT USE CELL PHONES to capture and Image of ANYTHING. Please see the house rules and policies on this matter.

  • Can you host a birthday party?

    No, not at this time. However, you can host the party. If you are bringing in party food, be sure that all vehicles involved have an outside food and beverage permit. Also, we offer many items at the snack bar that can be shared for a low expense.

    Tickets can be purchased ahead of time here. We typically do not know what movies will be playing on the weekend until the Monday before. Sorry, but we cannot reserve spaces at the theatre. Your best bet would be to arrive as close to the box office opening time to ensure your group can park close together. Please keep in mind larger vehicles like SUVs trucks vans etc. have to park in designated areas.

  • I keep faxing and e-mailing you, and I am not getting a response. I sent a letter that was never answered. What’s up with that?

    Please understand that a lot goes into operating this landmark. If time allows, we try to get to everything but consider the time spent in just operating the theatre, and preparing it to operate. We are endeavoring to set more responsive methods in place, but please realize, we cannot always get back to everyone in a timely way. This is not a giant corporation here. We are always stretched and pressed for time.

    If you use the US Mail, make sure there is a valid return address on it. Mail sent to us with no return address, with a false return address, or one that does not validate before the envelope is opened is thrown away. If the return address is valid and when opened, it did not come from that address, well, you can guess what happens to that.

    In the years I have operated this landmark, I have had MANY wonderful letters sent that I did not have the time to answer! I apologize for this. As folks attend and get to know the Bengies, they come to understand just how much work is involved, and often I am immediately forgiven. Likewise, there have been a few “scathing” letters sent by folks who tried to skirt the rules, or defraud the theatre and were thrown out. Let me say that since I cannot answer all of the wonderful letters that are sent to me, I certainly am not going to take my time to explain that we fully intend to enforce the rules we have put in place.

  • I know the Bengies is an outdoor theatre but do you have a non-smoking section?

    No, we do not. However, if you are being bothered by smoke, please see the field attendants. We can often re-locate you or the other vehicle. Keep in mind if neither party wants to co-operate, there is not a lot we can do. There is a rule that smoker’s need to follow. Please see field attendant folks for assistance, and refer to the House rules and policies.

  • Is there a flea market at the Bengies?

    Our Flea Market has been suspended.

  • My family would like to come to the Bengies but we live quite far away. Can you recommend a nice clean hotel near the Bengies where we can stay for the night?

    There are nice hotels around the area, below are some suggestions. Please make sure the accommodation is reserved. The area hotels tend to fill quickly, especially on the weekend.

    Super 8 Motel (3.01 miles away)
    98 Stemmers Run Rd
    Essex, MD

    Hilton Garden Inn (3.82 miles away)
    5015 Campbell Blvd
    Baltimore, MD

    Hampton Inn (3.89 miles away)
    8225 Town Center Dr
    Baltimore, MD

    Residence Inn-Balt White Marsh (3.90 miles away)
    4940 Campbell Blvd #11-D
    Nottingham, MD