Radios & Heaters

Radios and Electric In-Car-Heaters are available to rent from the snack bar. In addition to the cost of the rental we will need to hold onto your current & valid license along with the current & valid registration of the vehicle you brought to the drive-in.


Portable, Long Lasting Battery


electric in-car-heater

The Bengies is not just a summer time thing


HEATER NOTES: You must be parked next to a heater junction. (See our field staff for assistance)The plugs and the electricity are designed only for our heaters. The electric on the post is specifically designed to operate at an odd voltage and amperage so that only the specially designed heater will work with it.

In-Car Heaters can only be used inside enclosed vehicles. You may not use them in vehicles with the lift gate open, the back of a pick-up truck, etc. We have found that this creates trouble in the heater, and possibly a dangerous situation. With the cost of electricity, running the heater outside will only create a bigger bill for the drive-in.Please do not wrap up the cord for us when you are returning the heater. We lose more cords that way. Just unplug it, and carry the plug with the handle of the heater.Carbon Monoxide is poison do not run your car engine to use your car’s heater.