Be Ready to Attend

Prior to Arriving

To enable us to bring the crowd in quickly and efficiently here is what new patrons need to know before arriving at the Bengies Drive-in Theatre.

House Rules & Policies

Our house rules and policies are in place and enforced for the safety and enjoyment of everyone who attends the Bengies.

Outside Food & Beverage Policy

Outside Food & Beverages are restricted. You must purchase a permit to bring outside food and beverages into the theatre.

Single Admissions & Pets

If you plan on coming alone or with a pet, here’s everything you need to know.

COVID-19 Policies

Find out what operating changes we have made for the safety of our patrons and employees.

Prior to Arriving

To enable us to bring the crowd in quickly and efficiently here is what new patrons need to know before arriving at the Bengies Drive-in Theatre.

Things To Know Before You Arrive

The closer it gets to sunset, the longer the line will become. Arrive early.

Know how to get your WHITE LIGHTS OUT! Headlights, Daytime Running Lights, “Automatic” vehicle lights, Cargo, Side Door/Mirror, and LED Stripes are trouble for us and our patrons. Bring brown paper and tape to cover these lights OR check your owner’s manual to see if you can gain complete control of them. If you do not have the ability to turn off your lights, plan on covering them. We will not sell a ticket with these white lights on. Once your lights are out if they come back on anytime, for any reason, while you are in the theatre, the only option left is for you to cover them.

You must have a radio to hear the movie. Check your owner’s manual, so you can play your vehicle’s radio without draining its battery. You may not run your vehicle’s engine to play your radio. Consider bringing a portable battery powered radio. We rent radios in the snack bar. Tune 105.3 FM or AM 830.

Cash only at the Box Office.

Help Us Keep Things Running Smoothly On The Entrance Road

There will be no left turns into the theatre from the westbound lane of Eastern Blvd. during busy times. If it occurs, it is too dangerous to back your vehicle out, so you will sit in a rather long line only to be shown the exit.

During busy times there are people directing traffic on the roadway. Please roll down your window so you can hear the traffic director’s instructions. Give them the utmost attention. Please do not ask this person questions as they are trying to watch and guide traffic in four directions. Distracting them is dangerous for all concerned. Driver’s PLEASE turn off your cell phones, read the signs, and obey the traffic director.

While on the entrance road please stay close to the vehicle in front of you, we are trying to keep cars from backing up on Eastern Blvd. (MD State Route 150).

Unfortunately, there are “cheaters” out there, and they try many ways to cut in line. While you are on Eastern Blvd. do not swing around traffic (change lanes) to enter, stay in the right lane on Eastern Blvd. at all times. Do not turn left out of Bengies RD. near the Royal Farm store and cut into the line from the left-hand lane of Eastern Blvd. you will also sit in a long line to be shown the exit. Once inside, PLEASE read the “House Rules and Policies” that are in the flyer handed out to each car at the box office BEFORE you leave your vehicle.

Have your currency ready (cash only at the box office), do not arrive at the box office and hold up the line by fishing your wallet out of your pocket or purse. If you are on your cell phone while trying to purchase a ticket, you will be shown the exit.

Reminder, if your actions impede our effort to serve our good patrons quickly, we will exercise our right to refuse admission. Many Thanks!

House Rules & Policies

Our house rules and policies are in place and enforced for the safety and enjoyment of everyone who attends the Bengies. It’s essential that you know what they are for the smooth operation of this theatre.

Patrons agree by entering this theatre (by reading and understanding the sign at the Box Office) to OBEY OUR HOUSE RULES. Violation of any rule WILL RESULT in expulsion without refund.

Image Capturing

You MAY NOT PHOTOGRAPH or VIDEOTAPE, or RECORD in ANY way on the premises. Please do not attempt to skirt this rule, the media WILL BE CONFISCATED, and you will leave without a refund. See FAQ page for all of the reasons. Once more for clarity: If we see any sort of camera, video recorder, or cell phone with the capabilities of taking pictures being used to capture a picture OF ANYTHING, you and the party with you, will leave immediately without a refund. NONE of these DEVICES may be used AT this theatre FOR ANY REASON.

Outside Food and Beverages

Outside food and beverages are restricted from the premises. We will offer this option: You must purchase a permit to bring outside food &/or beverage at the box office BEFORE YOU ENTER the theatre. As per the conditions of the permit, You may not share food or drink with persons who came in other vehicles. PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the OUTSIDE FOOD AND BEVERAGE PERMIT is $20.00. Failure to Purchase the Permit Upon Entering will result in EXPULSION or DOUBLE the Permit Cost.

Vehicle Operation

You MUST be in control of your Vehicle’s lights, Headlights, Daytime Running Lights, “Automatic” vehicle lights, Cargo, Side Door/Mirror, and LED Stripes. If you cannot extinguish the light, you must cover it, and not remove cover until you are at the exit gate. (We recommend that you bring some brown paper or newspaper and masking tape and carefully covering your lights before entering – please remember to remove the covering before you exit the theatre making sure that you are facing away from the giant screen when you are doing so). There may also be instructions on turning off your daytime running lights in your car’s operating manual. We admit the vehicle at the box office only if the vehicle’s headlights and daytime running lights are out (use yellow parking lights only). If these lights come on ANYTIME AFTER ENTRY, YOU MUST COVER THE LIGHTS.


Go Slow, Let your eyes adjust to the dark. You will find it helpful if you dim your dash lights. DO not turn your headlights back on to see

Lift gates & doors CAN NOT BE RAISED higher than the top clearance of the vehicle.

DO NOT SET the alarm system in your vehicle. If it sets automatically, you MUST disable the system. It disturbs the show & other patrons if it goes off. Disable light flashes and horn signals on keyless entry systems.

CARBON MONOXIDE is POISON. Do NOT leave your car engine running.

Do not EVER sound your horn. Flash your lights only when asked to do so. Never put a light of any sort onto the screen. LASER POINTERS ARE FORBIDDEN anywhere in this theatre!!!

See us before calling a tow truck or assistance.


Solid white pole – Cars only
Yellow band pole – All vehicles
Yellow band with Blue band pole – Vans, trucks, high-tops, SUV’s & crossovers, in rows that are open.

VANS, TRUCKS, HIGH-TOPS, SUV’S, & CROSSOVERS must park in designated areas, or ramp 10, or even numbered rows BEHIND 10, DEPENDING ON WHAT IS OPEN.

Each vehicle is entitled to one space. Please park CLOSE enough to a post to allow for another vehicle.

If you are enjoying the show outside of your vehicle please be courteous to other patrons and sit between the vehicle and the screen, Not beside it (stay within your space).

Do Not Place Anything on top of your vehicle, INCLUDING People.

Patrons should not stray (on foot) into parking areas that are not open. Rows 1 – 10 are always open. Please stay within the open areas.

Unoccupied and or incorrectly parked vehicles will be towed if we cannot locate you. Place a note on the windshield with your location and cell number so we can find you.

Common Courtesy, Common Sense, and Everything Else

RETAIN YOUR TICKETS. Do NOT discard stubs! There are no refunds, but they are proof of entry. If you leave the theatre, YOU MUST PAY TO RE-ENTER.

Please Be CONSIDERATE of patrons who came to enjoy the show. Do NOT raise voices, radios, and cell phones to distract or annoy other patrons. Be mindful that all glowing devices are a distraction if you are using them without care.

ALCOHOLIC Beverages are NOT PERMITTED on the premises.


Obscene language or profanity WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

NO RUNNING. Go with the kids when they leave the car!

The PLAYGROUND is CLOSED when the show begins.

You May not Cook, Grill, or in any way prepare food on the premises.

NEVER Approach the Box Office on foot. Go to a Manager or our Field Crew.

No Smoking in or within 15 Feet of the building. Smokers, Please have common courtesy for all patrons. Beware of your smoke troubling others.

Bringing a PET requires adhering to Special Rules.

Memorial thru Labor Day Weekend: No single admissions on busy nights, BUT see the exceptions below.

Common Sense prevails (i.e., No Fireworks).

Outside Food & Beverage Policy

Outside Food & Beverages are restricted. You must purchase a permit to bring outside food and beverages into the theatre.

The Outside Food  & Beverage permit costs $20 per vehicle (cash only). You must purchase the permit with your tickets at the box office. You may not share food or drink with persons who came in other vehicles. Failure to purchase the permit upon entering will result in EXPULSION or DOUBLE the permit cost.

It was a very difficult decision to impose this fee upon patrons. It became necessary when faced with the public’s perception that the theatre makes enough money on the price of admission to support itself. This is simply not true. That’s why indoor theatres do not allow you to bring in outside food and beverage at any price. The problem here is compounded by the tremendous operating expense of running a drive-in theatre. Before you decide that we are taking advantage of you, please consider that we are maintaining 15.5 acres. That’s cleaning, cutting, painting, repairing, and on and on and on. Whereas an indoor theatre could support their effort with multiple screens, we only have one. Please remember, we only have great weather some of the time, and only some of the year to operate. Indoor theatres have none of these obstacles. If this theatre is to survive, it must begin to operate with some of the advantages of the indoor theatres; However, unlike them, we are not restricting you from bringing in outside food and beverages, at least this gives you the option.

This policy allows us to accommodate folks who may be on a special diet, or have food allergies, or for a host of other reasons. This also enables us to never have to turn down an admission. At an indoor, you would simply be told to go back to the cashier and get a refund or get rid of the food
. If it would ever get to a point where folks abuse this option and use this wonderful drive-in theatre as a picnic area, we would consider just not allowing any sort of outside food whatsoever. Eat here, and we will be here.

Single Admissions & Pets

If you plan on coming alone or with a pet here’s everything you need to know

Single Admissions:

We will not allow one person in a vehicle to occupy space on Friday & Saturday nights. It will NOT apply to Sunday – Thursday except for example holiday Sundays, like Labor Day weekend Sunday. There is an exception to Friday IF you arrive on the roadway within 15 minutes of the published box office opening time.

If you are joining others here at the Bengies, please “hook up” outside of the theatre and use one vehicle. We cannot turn away families because we ran out of space due to folks thinking that the Bengies is a parking lot! You MAY park in our neighbor’s lot, Austen’s Insurance, the yellow or orange-ish brick building next to the drive-in theater’s entrance. After you park correctly, you may walk down the roadway to purchase a ticket and join your party.

If you are a regular patron that normally comes alone, please email us at least 2 days prior to your visit and tell us your name, the year, make, and model of your vehicle and its license plate number. We may be able to email you an exception.

You may not buy two tickets to gain admission.


Heads Up Warning To all Pet Owners. It is possible that in the near future we will have to restrict pets from attending the theatre. Most of our patrons are wonderful about bringing their pets and looking after them RESPONSIBLY. There are a few who are about to ruin it for everyone. We are close to restricting pets from coming altogether because of the few. I am going to try this first, and I need all RESPONSIBLE pet owners to help us monitor it.

All pets must be on a short leash (6′ or less, no retractable leashes) at all times.

Potty Rules are as follows:

-DO NOT Let Your Dog Hike Its Leg & Pee on our parking poles.

-All patrons with dogs MUST carry either a pooper-scooper, or plastic bags and pick up after the dog, AND dispose of the waste properly.

-Please see our field crew for areas that we will allow you to walk your dog for “curbing.” Unused parking spaces ARE NOT an acceptable place to walk the dog for potty purposes.


Patrons with pets must ensure the safety and quiet enjoyment of others attending the show, and assume all responsibility for the actions of their pets. (Examples: If your pet is aggressive or can be aggressive, you need to have a muzzle on the pet. The person bringing pets assume the liability if the pet hurts someone. Your pet cannot disturb neighboring patrons.)

We advise you to bring a bowl for water for your pet, and get the water here, in the Men’s or Ladies room, the water fountain (located on the Men’s room side in the alcove.)
Bringing water in from elsewhere violates the outside food and beverage policy unless you purchase a permit to allow this.

Any action of the pet, or pet owner that is irresponsible or causes an injury or a problem for the management or other patrons will be asked to leave without a refund and will be held fully accountable and financially responsible for the actions of themselves and their pet.

The truth is we nearly never have problems with it, again it is the few that are about to ruin this for the many. Pet lovers and good patrons beware, if you see any irresponsibility on the part of a pet owner, please call it to our attention IMMEDIATELY.